How to Upload Files Using Amazon S3 with FileZilla Pro CLI

What you’ll need

Create a user and get a secret access key for FileZilla Pro CLI

  1. Go to the IAM dashboard at
  2. Select Users from the menu on the left.

  3. Click on Add User.

  4. Enter a user name.
  5. Tick the Programmatic access checkbox.
  6. Click on Next: Permissions.

  7. Click on Attach existing policies directly.
  8. Enter S3 in the policy search field and press ENTER on your keyboard.

  9. Tick the AmazonS3FullAccess policy.

  10. Click on Next: Tags.
  11. Click on Next: Review

  12. Check that you’ve assigned the AmazonS3FullAccess policy.
  13. Click on Create User.

  14. Without closing this browser window – you’ll need the access key information – open FileZilla Pro CLI.

Connecting to S3

Use the s3 protocol and connect to the host:

    From the prompt enter the connect command:

      fzcli> connect s3:// ˓→<path>

      Optionally you can use the parameters of the connect command:

        fzcli> connect --protocol s3 --user --pass --path

    Note that the path is optional but if present it has to start with a slash.

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