File Transfer Server
for Windows

Fast, secure and reliable: file sharing made easy!

FileZilla Pro Enterprise Server makes easy to setup an FTP/FTPS and SFTP server.

FileZilla Pro Enterprise Server supports 2FA method of authentication.

FileZilla Pro Enterprise Server doesn't come with any limitation: configure as many users as you want and transfer as many files as you like. Choose how many connections you want it to manage, set limits per user or per session, define virtual paths and more.

Enjoy the simplicity and robustness of our server flagship product, a completely redesigned server developed with security and performance in mind.

Purchase it now and get your job done in a matter of minutes!

FileZilla Pro Enterprise Server in a nutshell

Check out our video showing how simple it is to install and configure your FileZilla Pro Enterprise Server.

FileZilla Pro Enterprise Server manages all of your transfers no matter how many users are connected or how many files are located in their source directories. It is heavily optimized for speed and you can also adjust the pace of your transfers at will. 

To learn more about what FileZilla Pro Enterprise Server features, read below.

Features and more

Learn what FileZilla Pro Enterprise Server has to offer you.

Supported Protocols


Super Fast

We dedicated 19+ years developing FTP servers and the actual version has been redesigned with performance in mind

Security - Right Management

FileZilla Pro Enterprise Server's security has passed third party severe penetration tests. User and group privilege management, user impersonation, second factor auth (2FA)