How to Connect a Server with CLI

To connect to a server use the connect (or open or c) command. The syntax of the connect command is:

connect <URI>

URI must be in the form [protocol://][user[:password]@]host[:port][/path].

protocol is the protocol to use for the connection:

  • ftp
  • sftp
  • ftps (implicit)
  • ftpes (explicit)
  • s3
  • webdav
  • azfile (Microsoft Azure File)
  • azblob (Microsoft Azure Blob)
  • google (Google Cloud)
  • gdrive (Google Drive)
  • dropbox
  • onedrive
  • box
  • b2 (Backblaze B2)

user: user name or id
password: password
host: host name or IP address
port: port to connect to
path: initial remote path (must be an absolute path)

For example:

Alternatively you can pass the connection details as parameters:

Connect to an existing site

To connect to an existing site that was previously created with FileZilla Pro use the site
site <site path>

site path has to be given as  complete path, with a slash as separation character.

site path has to be prefixed with 0 for user defined entries and 1 for default

You can also use the connect command with the site parameter:
   connect --site <site path>

For example if you have a “My S3 buckets” site:

fzcli> site “0/My S3 buckets”

Note: If FileZilla Pro is configured to save passwords protected by a master password, you’ll
be asked to enter the master password in order to connect.

Connect to an OAuth Protocol

The following protocols require an authorization step in a browser: Google Cloud, Google
Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Box.

In this case FileZilla Pro Command Line shows an authorization URL. Copy the URL in a
browser and follow the steps to authorize FileZilla Pro Command Line.

For some protocols an authorization code is generated in the browser. Copy the code in the
FileZilla Pro Command Line prompt.

fzcli> connect gdrive://

Unknown Server Certificate

When connecting to a TLS host FileZilla Pro Command Line may ask you to examine a server

FileZilla Pro Command Line shows the server certificate details and asks if you want to trust
it and continue with the connection:

Trust the server certificate and carry on connecting? (Yes, No, Always␣˓→for this certificate [default=Yes]):

Enter Yes to accept the certificate or No to deny it and cancel the connection.


To disconnect from the remote server use the disconnect (or close) command: