How to Use Site Manager with FileZilla Pro CLI

The Site Manager is where FileZilla Pro CLI saves server connection and login information, which is called a site.

Add new site

To add new site use the command:

    site add <site name>

Enter the site information interactively in a number of prompts.

Once you have entered all the basic information choose whether you want to enter advanced and
protocol specific information or not.

List the sites

To list the sites and folder use the command:

    site list

View site information

To view the site details:

    site show <site name>

Modify a site

To modify the site information use the command:

    site edit <site name>

Modify the site interactively. Press enter at the prompt if you don’t want to modify data.

Delete a site

To remove a site use the command:

    site del <site name>

Rename a site

To rename a site use the command:

site ren <site name> <new name>

Duplicate a site

To create a copy of a site use the command:

    site copy <site name> <new name>

The name of the new site is optional. If you don’t provide a name, a new name is created automatically
by adding a number to the original name.

Create a folder

In case of many connections, you can organize the site entries in folders. To create a folder, use the

    site mkd <new folder name>

Change the current folder

To change the current folder:

    site cd <folder name>

New sites are created under the current folder.

To change the current folder to the upper level:

    site cd ..

To view the name of the current folder:

    site cwd

Delete a folder

To delete a folder and its contents:

    site rmd <folder name>

Rename a folder

To rename a folder:

    site rnf <folder name> 7lt;new name>

The video tutorial below shows how to use FileZilla Pro CLI Site Manager.

Video tutorial: FileZilla Pro CLI Site Manager Collection

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