FileZilla Pro CLI: Protect Passwords with a Master Password

By default, FileZilla Pro CLI saves passwords that you enter in the Site Manager.

It’s recommended to use a master password to store the passwords encrypted. Passwords stored
without a master password are insecure and can be read by anyone with access to your computer.

Warning: Ensure that you keep your master password in a safe place. If you lose or forget the master password, you’ll be unable to access any saved passwords for the sites in the Site Manager.

If you want FileZilla Pro Command Line to protect the password file with a master password, use the
engine.password_store setting:

set engine.password_store protected

You can disable the master password using either options plain or disabled. With the plain option,
you will be asked for the master password to decrypt the stored passwords.

To modify the master password, set the option to protected and you will be asked for the new master
password and then for the old master password.

In any case, if you have forgotten the master password, you can enter DELETE to delete all the existing
passwords. You will need to re-enter them, though.

The video tutorial below shows the password options of FileZilla Pro CLI.

Video tutorial: How to Use FileZilla Pro CLI Password Options

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