FileZilla CLI Settings

To list the available settings enter the set command:


To view a value of an specific settings use set command followed by the setting name:

fzcli> set engine.log.file

To modify a setting use set followed by the setting name and a value:

fzcli> set engine.log.file fzcli.log

The settings of type flag can have only two values:

    0 – disables the flag
    1 – enables the flag

Saving the settings

By default a setting change is only valid during the current session. To save the changes
across sessions use the set save command:

fzcli> set save

FTP mode

    engine.passive_mode, flag: enables the passive mode.

Limit ports

    engine.limit_ports, flag: enable local port restricting

Limit local ports range

    engine.limit_ports.low: lowest available port.
    engine.limit_ports.low: highest available port.

Keep-Alive commands

    engine.ftp.send_keepalive, flags: whether send keep alive commands or not

FTP Proxy

    0 – none
    1 – user@host
    2 – site
    3 – open
    4 – custom proxy host
engine.ftp.proxy.user: proxy user
engine.ftp.proxy.password: proxy password
engine.ftp.proxy.custom_login_sequence: custom proxy login sequence

SFTP Settings

Private key files:


engine.sftp.compression, flags: enables compression

Generic Proxy


    0 – none
    1 – HTTP 1.1 using CONNECT method
    2 – SOCKS 4
    3 – SOCKS 5 proxy host
engine.proxy.user: proxy user
engine.proxy.password: proxy password

Speed Limit

    engine.speedlimit, flag: enables speed limits
    engine.speedlimit.inbound: download limit (in KiB/s)
    engine.speedlimit.outbound: upload limit (in KiB/s)
    engine.speedlimit.burst_tolerance: burst burst_tolerance

      0 – normal
      1 – high
      2 – very high

Preallocate space

    engine.preallocate_space, flag: preallocate space before downloading


    engine.view_hidden_files, flag: force show hidden files

MIME Types


    A key/value pair list of MIME type to file type mapping. The pairs are
    separated by a semi-colon.

Filesize Formats


      0 – Display size in bytes
      1 – IEC binary prefixes (e.g. 1 KiB = 1024 bytes)
      2 – Binary prefixes using SI symbols (eg 1 KB = 1024 bytes)
      3 – Decimal prefixes using SI symbols (eg 1 KB = 1000 bytes)

    engine.size_use_thousand_separator, flag: enables the use of thousands separator.
    engine.size_decimal_places: number of decimal places if you choose to have
    file size displayed in anything other than bytes.



      0 – none
      1 – warning
      2 – info
      3 – verbose
      4 – debug

    engine.log.raw_listing, flag: enables log raw directory Listing.
    engine.log.file: log file name.
    engine.log.file_sizehint: size limit of the logfile (in MiB).
    engine.log.detailed, flag: enables detailed logs.

The video tutorial below shows how to view and change the settings and how to get help on the commands.

Video tutorial: How to Change the Settings and to get Help on the Commands in FileZilla CLI