How to connect to an FTP(S) Server

To connect to an FTP(S) server follow the steps below:

  1. Open FileZilla Pro RemoteDrive: Launch the application or click on its icon if active.
  2. Add a Server: Click on +Add server.
  3. Choose Connection Type: From the top-down menu select FTP – File Transfer Protocol.
  4. Label Your Connection: In the “Name” field, enter a label for your connection (e.g. My ftp).
  5. Configure Connection Details:
    • Host: Enter either the IP address or the host name (e.g.,
    • Port: Specify the port number, usually 21 for FTP(S) and 990 for implicit FTP over TLS.

  6. Select Encryption Type:
    • Use Explicit FTP over TLS: RemoteDrive prioritizes encrypted FTP connections. It attempts to use FTP over TLS first and, if unsuccessful, switches to unencrypted FTP.
      Note: Recommended for enhanced security during data transfers.
    • Require Implicit FTP over TLS (Implicit FTPS): Security is activated immediately as the connection initiates. Although considered deprecated, Implicit FTPS is still in use.
    • Require Explicit FTP over TLS: The connection starts as plain FTP and is upgraded to TLS/SSL encryption through specific FTP commands.
    • Only Use Plain FTP (Insecure): This option employs plain, unencrypted FTP, making it susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks. Highly discouraged for security reasons.
  7. Set Logon Information:
    • Logon Type: Unless you have specific requirements, leave it as “Normal.”
    • User: Enter your user ID.
    • Password: Input your password.

  8. Complete Connection Setup: Click Add & Connect to establish the connection.
  9. Check the server certificate details: check if the server has a valid certificate, and click OK.
    To avoid accepting the certificate again, select “Always trust this certificate in future sessions”.

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