How to connect to an SFTP server

To connect to an SFTP server follow the steps below:

  1. Open FileZilla Pro RemoteDrive: Launch the application or click on its icon if active.
  2. Add a Server: Click on +Add server.
  3. Choose Connection Type: From the top-down menu select SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol
  4. Label Your Connection: In the “Name” field, enter a label for your connection.
  5. Configure Connection Details:
    • Host: Enter either the IP address or the host name (e.g.,
    • Port: Specify the port number, usually 22.
  6. Choose the most appropriate logon type among the following:
    • Normal: This option enables you to enter your credentials in the connection configuration. The credentials are then automatically utilized to establish a connection.
    • Anonymous: Typically used for servers allowing file downloads.
    • Ask for password: This option allows you to enter only your user ID, and the password won’t be required again unless you quit FileZilla Pro RemoteDrive.
    • Interactive: With this option you have to enter only the user ID, as you’ll be prompted during the login process to provide other credentials. As this is interactive, you might be prompted again, even if you don’t quit FileZilla Pro RemoteDrive.
    • Key File: you have to specify the location of the private key file (in .ppk or .pem format) by clicking on the Browse button and selecting it from your file system. If the key file is password protected you’ll need to provide it at logon time.
  7. Set Credentials Information:
    • User: Enter your user ID.
    • Password: If required by the Logon Type you choose, input your password.
      Note: if the file is password-protect that password will be required only at logon time.
      Complete Connection Setup: Click Add & Connect to establish the connection.
  8. Complete Connection Setup: Click Add & Connect to establish the connection.

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