How to Install and Register FileZilla Pro Silently

You can install FileZilla Pro silently using a command line parameter, which executes the installation
without displaying a window and applies default settings.

Note: You might still be prompted by Microsoft Windows User Access Control (UAC).

Silent Registration

For a silent installation, launch the installer from the command line, passing the parameter /S or /quiet followed by /user=all:

FileZilla_Pro_3.66.2_win64-setup.exe /S /user=all

After the installation, you can proceed to register the product silently. Use the parameter --register followed by the --regkey parameter. This method does not display any windows:

"C:\Program Files\FileZilla Pro\filezilla.exe" --register --regkey=silent,

Note that the command ending with -setup.exe is the installer, while filezilla.exe refers to the installed software.

See also: Registration

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