FileZilla Pro Setup: Registration and Deregistration

Based on our Terms and Conditions and your specific purchase terms, there is a maximum limit on the
number of registrations for FileZilla Pro. If you’ve previously registered a copy or have reached this
limit, you must deregister the existing installation before registering a new one.

If you need assistance with the deregistration process, please contact our support team, writing to

  1. On Windows, go to the FileZilla Pro installation directory and double-click the Deregister FileZilla Pro shortcut.
  2. On macOS, execute this command in a terminal, relative to where app got installed: --deregister

    On Debian Linux, execute this command in a terminal, relative to where the archive got extracted to:

      FileZilla3/bin/filezilla --deregister

  3. A dialog window will prompt you for the registration key. Enter your registration key.
  4. If FileZilla Pro is running, you will receive a notification asking to close it and retry.
  5. Click OK to proceed with the deregistration.

Your previous FileZilla Pro registration has been successfully deregistered. You can now proceed to
register a new copy without any issues.

The video tutorial below shows how to register and deregister your copy of FileZilla Pro.

Video tutorial: How to Register and Deregister FileZilla Pro

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