How to Configure FileZilla Pro to Use AWS IAM Identity Center

AWS Identity Center provides access to resources without the need for access keys or secret keys.

To connect FileZilla Pro using the IAM Identity Center follow these steps:

  1. Create a new site in the Site Manager.
  2. Select S3 via IAM Identity Center from the Protocol drop-down list.
  3. In the Logon type drop down list, choose either Interactive or Profile.
  4. With Interactive type:

    Enter the AWS account ID in the Account ID field.
    In the S3 tab, S3 via IAM Identity Center section, enter:

    • Region: the AWS Region that contains the AWS access portal host. This field can be different from the Region field in the same tab.
    • Role name: the role or permission set name.
    • Start URL: the URL for the AWS access portal.

  5. With Profile, enter a configured profile name. See How to use AWS config and credentials files to connect. The required profile fields are:

    sso_account_id,sso_region,sso_role_name and sso_start_url

  6. Click on Connect.
  7. FileZilla Pro shows the AWS Identity Center window, with a unique session code:
  8. and launches the default browser.

  9. In the browser, IAM prompts you to login using your IAM credentials. You may need to enter the session code presented in the AWS Identity Center window.
  10. Upon logging in, it is necessary to authorize the request.

  11. Click Allow to grant access to FileZilla Pro.
  12. Upon successful completion, the AWS Identity Center window will automatically close.

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