How to Enable Drag and Drop Support for Microsoft Store Version

Due to Microsoft Store limitations, the support for drag-and-drop from FileZilla Pro into Windows Explorer is not enabled by default.

To enable this feature, please follow these steps:

  1. Close FileZilla Pro.
  2. Download the shell extension DLL from
  3. Save the DLL to a directory of your choice.
  4. Press Win+R.
  5. In the Run dialog box, type cmd in the Open box.
  6. Press Enter or click OK. A command prompt window opens.
  7. In the command prompt window, type:

      cd <directory>

    Replace <directory> with the actual path of the DLL. Press Enter.

  8. Still in the command prompt, type:
      regsvr32 fzshellext_64.dll

    and press Enter.

  9. On success, you will see a message like this:
  10. Restart FileZilla Pro.
  11. If drag-and-drop still doesn’t work, you may need to reboot your system.

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