How to Upload Files to OneDrive with FileZilla Pro CLI

FileZilla Pro CLI supports OneDrive Personal and OneDrive for Business and

What you’ll need

  • A OneDrive account
  • Your OneDrive login details (these will usually be the same as your Microsoft login)
  • For OneDrive for Business and SharePoint your account is provided by your organization

Connecting to OneDrive

Use the onedrive protocol and connect to the host:

From the prompt enter the connect command:

    connect onedrive://<path>

For example:

    connect onedrive://

Optionally you can use the parameters of the connect command:

    connect --protocol onedrive --path <path>

Note that the path is optional but if present it has to start with a slash.

An authorization URL is shown. Open the authorization URL in a browser and
follow the steps to authorize FileZilla Pro CLI.

An authorization code is generated in the browser. Copy the code in the prompt.

Listing the root directory shows the virtual folders:

    My Drives
    Shared with me

You can now transfer files between your local machine and your Microsoft OneDrive account.

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