How to Use Escape Sequences in FileZilla Pro CLI

File, directory names and setting values can have spaces. In that case, you need to escape the space
character with a backslash character (\).

For example, to change the current directory to My files:

cd My\ files

You can also enclose them in double-quotes (“):

cd "My files"

If the name itself has double-quotes, you need to escape them. For example, to change the current
directory to “company" files:

cd \"company\"\ files


cd "\"company\" files"

The backslash character has to be escaped too. For example, to change the current local directory to

lcd C:\\Documents

You can also enter the characters by their Unicode codepoints. For example, to download the file
€-budget.xlsx or to upload the file Präsentation.pptx:

get \u20ac-budget.xslx

put Pr\xe4sentation.pptx

With \x prefix, the codepoint value is up to 2 hexadecimal digits. With \u prefix, the value is up to 5 hexadecimal digits.

A failure or an incorrect character occurs when using the \u prefix with a codepoint value less than 5 hexadecimal digits followed by a valid hexadecimal digit character. For example:

Stra\udfe (Straße where ß is represented by the codepoint value df) results in error because dfe is a valid hexadecimal number but not a valid codepoint value. In this case, use either:

Stra\xdfe, or


Character codepoints can be found at

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