How to Compare Local and Remote Files

Allows you to compare files between your local machine and the remote server. You can configure FileZilla/FileZilla Pro to compare files based on either file size or last modification date.

Note: Using directory comparison automatically enables synchronized browsing, so that every directory change you make on one server is echoed for the other.


Filtering must be either disabled or set identically for local and remote directories.

Color coding

None: Identical in name, date last modified, and size.

Yellow: Not existing in the other location.

Green: Newer file (last modified date is later than the file it’s compared to).

Red: Different file size.

To compare the directories on your local machine and those on a remote server:

  1. In the main menu, click on View > Directory comparison > Enable.
  2. Choose whether to compare based on file size or date by clicking on View > Directory comparison > Compare filesize or View > Directory comparison > Compare modification time.
  3. If you only want to see files that have differences between local and remote directories, click on View > Directory comparison > Hide identical files.

The video tutorial below shows how to compare directories with FileZilla and FileZilla Pro.

Video tutorial:FileZilla Pro Directories Comparison

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