How to Encrypt Files with Amazon S3

Server-Side Encryption

Amazon S3 Server-Side Encryption encrypts your files as they are uploaded and decrypts on download.

To configure FileZilla Pro to use Amazon S3 Server-Side Encryption follow these steps:

  1. In Site Manager edit your S3 entry.
  2. In the S3 tab select the encryption type:
    • No encryption
    • AWS S3 encryption: use Amazon S3 managed keys.
    • AWS KMS encrytion: use Amazon S3 keys stored in AWS Key Management Service (KMS). Select the master key:
      • Default (AWS/S3): for the AWS managed key.
      • Custom KMS ARN: for a customer managed key. Enter the ARN (Amazon
        Resource Name) for the key in the Custom KMS ARN box.

    • Customer encryption: use the key specified in the Custom key box. You can specify a Base64 encoded key by prefixing it with base64.

The video tutorial below shows how to configure Amazon S3 Server Side Encryption with FileZilla Pro.

Video tutorial: How to Configure Amazon S3 Server Side Encryption

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