How to Install FileZilla/FileZilla Pro

Installing FileZilla/FileZilla Pro is slightly different on each operating system.

When you buy FileZilla Pro, you’ll receive a login (usually your email address) and code, as well as a download link. Click on the link, or copy and paste to your browser, and enter your login and code to start the download.

Ensure that you pay attention to where the download saves onto your local computer.


Before installing, you’ll need:

  • At least 50MB of space free on your drive.
  • Administrator privileges if you want to make it available for all users on a Windows machine

Windows installation

You’ll require administrator privileges on the current computer if you want to install FileZilla/FileZilla Pro for all users of the machine.

  1. Double-click on the FileZilla/FileZilla Pro install file to begin the installation.
    This file will be named FileZilla_Pro__-setup.exe: for example, FileZilla_Pro_3.37.0_win64-setup.exe.
  2. Select whether to install FileZilla/FileZilla Pro for all users of the machine, or only the current
  3. Select the components that you want to be installed:
    • FileZilla/FileZilla Pro is the base program; this is required.
    • Icon sets provide different looks.
    • Language files allow you to run FileZilla/FileZilla Pro in a language other than English.

    • Shell extension allows you to drag and drop files from Windows Explorer
      into FileZilla/FileZilla Pro.

  4. Desktop icon adds a link to FileZilla/FileZilla Pro to your desktop, making it easy to
    find and run the program.
  5. Click OK to use the default install location or click Browse… and
    navigate to your preferred directory, then click OK to move to the next window.
  6. Pick an existing Start Menu folder to add an icon for FileZilla/FileZilla Pro, enter a new name to have the installer create new Start Menu folder, or click OK to create a separate FileZilla/FileZilla Pro folder.

The video tutorial below shows how to install FileZilla/FileZilla Pro on Windows.

Video tutorial: how to install FileZilla/FileZilla Pro on Windows