How to Deregister FileZilla Pro

To ensure compliance with our Terms and Conditions and the specific terms of your purchase, which impose a maximum limit on FileZilla Pro registrations, if you’ve reached the maximum registration limit and need to register a further copy, it is necessary to deregister any existing installation you intend to decommission first.

If you prefer, you can watch our video tutorial on how to deregister FileZilla Pro.


  1. Go to the FileZilla Pro installation directory and double-click the Deregister FileZilla Pro shortcut.


  3. A dialog window will prompt you for the registration key. Enter your registration key.


  5. If FileZilla Pro is running, you will receive a notification asking to close it and retry.


  7. Click OK to proceed with the deregistration.


Your previous FileZilla Pro registration has been successfully deregistered. You can now proceed to
register a new copy without any issues.


On macOS, execute this command in a terminal, relative to where app got installed: --deregister

Debian Linux

On Debian Linux, execute this command in a terminal, relative to where the archive got extracted to:

FileZilla3/bin/filezilla --deregister


If you need assistance with the deregistration process, please contact our support team, writing to

Video tutorial: How to deregister FileZilla Pro