How to Set the Logging Level with FileZilla Server

FileZilla Server keeps a log of its actions, and you can define the log level by setting the Logging level.

The Logging level goes from the least verbose (0, logging disabled) to the most verbose (5,verbose logging). The latter is useful when needing assistance to solve an issue with FileZilla Server.

The log can be directed to two different destinations: the standard error channel, or a file.

In case a file is chosen, you need to set the following information:

  • The full path to the log file

  • The maximum number of rotations desired. Setting it to 0 disables rotations, and only
    one file will be used. At each rotation a number will be appended to the current file
    and a new one with the chosen name will be created. When the maximum number of
    rotations has been reached, the first file will be overwritten.
  • The maximum file size a file is allowed to have. When the file size reaches the limit, the file will be rotated.

Note: A more verbose logging has more impact on performances and file disk usage than a less verbose loggin

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