How to Export and Import Server Configurations

To export the configurations of FileZilla Server, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Administration interface of the server.
  2. From the Server menu, select Export configuration…

Select what you want to export, by default all items are selected.

To import FileZilla Server configuration, select Import Configuration from the Administration interface Server menu. A file dialog allows you to select the configuration file to import.

Choose what you want to import from the list of available items. You can select only items that are in
the actual configuration file.

Press OK to start importing the configurations, FileZilla Server logs the result of the import in the log, you can see them in the Administration interface as the most recent log entry.

Starting from release 1.0.8, the Import feature can now include configurations from the old server
(release 0.9.x). Please note that file permissions may differ, though.

The video tutorial below shows how to export and import FileZilla Server configurations.

Video tutorial: How to Export and Import FileZilla Server Configurations

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