Configuring RemoteDrive General Settings

To configure the General Settings, on the menu bar tap on the RemoteDrive icon (“”) and in the pop up window click on Settings. The following dialog window will appear, where you can adjust various options to suit your preferences.

Below, you’ll find an explanation of each control:

  1. Reconnect to Servers at Launch: Enable this option to instruct FileZilla Pro RemoteDrive to automatically reconnect to all servers upon launch. Note that this feature requires the “Store server passwords” option to be selected as well.
  2. Copy files on drag and drop: Enable this option to ensure that when you drag and drop a file from a remote server to your local system, the original file on the remote server remains intact. This feature is enabled by default, providing a safeguard against accidental deletions. When you drag and drop a file, a copy of the file is created on your local system while the original file stays on the remote server.
  3. Use Keychain to Validate TLS Certificates: When selected, FileZilla Pro RemoteDrive will verify the certificates presented by servers using Keychain, Apple’s password management system.
  4. Store Application Log to File: Activate this option if you want RemoteDrive to save logs in a file. You can specify the debug level as ‘Warning’, ‘Info’, ‘Verbose’, or ‘Debug’, with each level providing increasing levels of detail. For troubleshooting purposes, FileZilla Pro support may request you to set the debug level to the highest setting (‘Debug’).
  5. Launch Automatically at Startup: Ensure this option is selected if you want FileZilla Pro RemoteDrive to start automatically whenever your Mac boots up.

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