Configuring RemoteDrive Providers Settings

To configure the Providers settings, on the menu bar tap on the RemoteDrive icon and in the pop up window click on Providers. The following dialog window will appear, where you can adjust various options to suit your preferences.


FTP and FTPS use different channels for communication: one for commands/responses and the other for data transfer. In active mode, the server opens the data channel, like having a pizza delivered. In passive mode, the local machine initiates the data channel, similar to picking up a pizza yourself. This matters because some firewalls and routers block servers from initiating connections to local computers.

By default, RemoteDrive uses passive mode for FTP and FTPS connections.

FTP Passive Mode

In passive mode, RemoteDrive has no control over what port the server chooses for the data connection. Therefore, in order to use passive mode, you’ll have to allow outgoing connections to all ports in your firewall.

Use Server External IP Address: Some misconfigured remote servers behind a router might reply with their local IP address. To avoid issues, you can set RemoteDrive to use the server’s external IP address instead.

Fallback to Active Mode: If Passive Mode doesn’t work, you can configure RemoteDrive to automatically fall back to Active Mode.

FTP Active Mode

Ask for OS external IP: The easiest way to configure your external IP address is to allow RemoteDrive to check with the operating system to find out the current external IP address. This option is set by default and usually works seamlessly.

Use static IP: If the default setting doesn’t work, or you want to assign a specific IP, configure RemoteDrive to use a static IP address. To use this option your router and ISP must support static IP addresses, and one is assigned to your computer.

Get external IP from URL: Another option is to configure RemoteDrive to check a third-party website to find your computer’s external IP address.

Don’t use external IP address on local connections: By default, RemoteDrive doesn’t use the external IP address for connections to servers on the local network. If you need it to use the external IP address instead of the internal (local network) address, untick this checkbox.

Limit local ports used: By default, RemoteDrive can use the entire range. Since ports 1-1024 are reserved for other protocols, if you want to set a range, choose a higher range.

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