How to connect to OpenStack Swift

Please follow the next steps to configure FileZilla Pro RemoteDrive to connect to OpenStack Swift.

  1. Open FileZilla Pro RemoteDrive: Launch the application or click on its icon if active.
  2. Add a Server: Click on “+Add server.”
  3. Choose Connection Type: select OpenStack Swift.
  4. Label Your Connection: In the “Name” field, enter a label for your connection.
  5. Set Configuration Information:
    • Enter the identity service host in the Identity host field.
    • Enter the identity service path in the Identity service path field.
    • For identity service version 3 the path is usually /v3/auth/tokens

    • Enter your project ID or account number in the Project field.

    Set Credentials Information:

    • Enter your user ID in the User field.
    • Enter your password in the Password field.
    • In the Swift tab if the identity service version is 3,Check the Version 3 option.
    • If you have a domain enter it in the Domain field.

  6. Click Add & Connect to establish the connection.

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