How to Connect to Amazon AWS S3

Before starting to configure your S3 connection make sure to have your Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key. If you don’t have them, go to your AWS IAM Dashboard to get them.

Please follow the next steps to configure FileZilla Pro RemoteDrive to connect to Amazon AWS S3.

  1. Open FileZilla Pro RemoteDrive: Launch the application or click on its icon if active.
  2. Add a Server: Click on +Add server.
  3. Choose Connection Type: Select S3 – Amazon Simple Storage Service.
  4. Label Your Connection: In the “Name” field, enter a label for your connection.
  5. Configure Connection Details:
    • In the Host field enter the initial region endpoint. If unsure, leave it as is.
      Note: if you are connecting to a bucket created after March 20, 2019, a request made from an incorrect region endpoint could return “Bad Request error”.
    • Leave Port as-is.
  6. Set Credentials information:
    • Enter the Access Key ID into the Access key ID field.
    • Enter the Secret Access Key into the Secret Access Key field.
      Note: Credentials lacking permission to list available buckets must explicitly specify the target bucket as the Default remote directory field in the Advanced tab.

  7. Complete Connection Setup: Click Add & Connect to establish the connection.

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