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Upload Files to Google Drive with FileZilla Pro

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FileZilla® Pro offers support for Google Drive, one of the most ubiquitous Cloud platforms. Learn how to upload files to Google Drive.

FileZilla Pro’s integration for Google Drive joins support for Google Cloud Storage, the enterprise-level service for server backups hosting. Google Drive – the Free Personal Cloud storage service designed by Google to create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more – is used by over 800 million active users.

How to upload Files to Google Drive.

  1. Click New in the Site Manager dialog box to create a new connection.
  2. Select Google Drive as the protocol. Then FileZilla Pro automatically fills the host name.
  3. Enter your account email address in the text boxes.
  4. You can now connect to your Google Drive. In the right side you see your own files and directories under the My Drive folder.
  5. Files and directories others shared with you under the Shared With Me folder.
  6. Under Team drives folder you see the G Suite team drives your Google account belongs to.
  7. If you have the administrative rights you will be able to add or remove team drives by creating or deleting directories under Team Drives folder.

The video tutorial below shows how to easily upload files to Google Drive with FileZilla Pro.

Video tutorial: how to connect to Google Drive

Google Drive requires an authorization step that creates an authentication token. Now, if you want FileZilla Pro to access Google Drive without asking you to authenticate at every launch, read below.

How to access Google Drive without having to re-authorize

  1. Choose Edit, Settings, Password, then select Save passwords protected by a master password and close FileZilla Pro.
  2. Launch FileZilla again, and open Site Manager. Then select the Google Drive connection and click Connect.
  3. Select the option ‘Remember master password‘. Now FileZilla Pro won’t ask you again to authorize Google Drive access.
  4. Do you want FileZilla Pro stops storing Google Drive token? Just select the option ‘Forget stored master password’ and you’re done.

The video tutorial below shows how to manage Google Drive token.

Video tutorial: how to manage Google Drive Authentication Token

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