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How to Connect to OpenStack Swift Object Storage

Posted in Features

FileZilla® Pro provides native support for OpenStack Swift. Learn how to connect to OpenStack Swift.

OpenStack Swift – one of the fastest growing Open Source Cloud projects –  joined FileZilla Pro’s supported Cloud protocols. FileZilla Pro supports authentication using version 2 of Keystone, the OpenStack identity service. Keystone v3 support will be added in future releases.

How to upload files to OpenStack Swift Object Storage

  1. Click New in the Site Manager dialog box to create a new connection.
  2. Select OpenStack Swift as the protocol.
  3. Enter the identity host, path and project as supplied by your provider.
  4. Then enter your account email address  and password in their respective text boxes.
  5. In the right side you see buckets, directories and files.

The video tutorial below shows how to easily connect to OpenStack with FileZilla Pro.

Video tutorial: how to connect to OpenStack

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