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How to Connect to DreamObjects

Posted in Features

FileZilla® Pro does support many cloud protocols that are compatible with Amazon S3, included DreamObjects. Learn how to connect to DreamObjects buckets using FileZilla Pro.

How to connect to DreamObjects.

  1. Choose Edit > Settings > Transfers > S3 Providers.
  2. In the Providers list click Add and enter ‘DreamObject’
  3. In the Regions list click Add and enter:
    • Name: objects-us-east-1
    • Description: US East 1
    • Endpoints:
  4. In Catch All enter: (note it starts with a dot)
  5. In Format enter: object-{region}

In the site manager configure your connection with host as:

The video tutorial below shows how to connect to Amazon S3-compatible with FileZilla Pro.

Video tutorial: how to connect to Amazon S3-Compatible Storage


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