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FileZilla® Pro announces support for popular Dropbox protocol

Posted in Press Releases

Addition of popular file-sharing protocol will allow greater flexibility for FileZilla users.

Köln, Germany —28 August 2018— FileZilla® Pro, the popular cross-platform file access and transfer software application, today announced support for Dropbox, one of the most popular file-sharing protocols.

“Support for Dropbox is an important addition to FileZilla Pro’s expanding services,” said Tim Kosse, original creator and principal author of FileZilla and FileZilla Pro. “Dropbox will allow users of FileZilla to have greater flexibility sharing files with other networks and servers. The addition of this protocol affirms FileZilla Pro’s commitment to add protocols other than FTP to our product,” Kosse said.
“Used by more than 500 million people, with 1.3 billion files uploaded daily, Dropbox was one of the most requested, missing features from FileZilla Pro,” said Roberto Galoppini, FileZilla Director of Strategy. “We are proud to continue adding Dropbox and other features that our customers love,” Galoppini said.

FileZilla also announced new security updates for users. FileZilla was among the first to protect the user’s credentials and files using opportunistic TLS when using FTP. In this new version, FileZilla tightens security: If an FTP server rejects TLS, users need to explicitly confirm falling back to plaintext FTP.

The new security enhancements will let users detect downgrade attacks, where an attacker blocks the TLS negotiation in the hope the client falls back to plaintext FTP.

FileZilla Pro allows system administrators, Web developers, designers, and other professional users to share files across all types of remote servers and computing environments. FileZilla Pro has been in the file-transfer business since 2001.

Almost 35,000 individual enthusiasts, professional system administrators, developers, engineers, and enterprise power users rely on FileZilla Pro to quickly and easily move files between computers and remote servers. FileZilla users can easily upload and download all types of files, such as uploading a Website to a hosting provider’s server, using FTP and other protocols.


FileZilla Pro can be downloaded from, with Mac version available from the Apple App Store, Other versions are available from the FileZilla website
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