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FileZilla® Pro Announces New WebDAV Support and Extended Amazon S3 Support

Posted in Press Releases

Continues feature set expansion with support for more network protocols.

Köln, Germany — 10 January 2018— FileZilla®, the open source file transfer product targeted at administrators, developers, engineers and power users, today announced FileZilla Pro native support for WebDAV, the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning protocol.

The FileZilla Pro product roadmap includes major features that benefit web designers, editors, and webmasters, including native support for well-established and trusted protocols, such as WebDAV.
By expanding protocol support, users can now access and transfer their files in even more situations through the powerful user interface already familiar to FileZilla.

In addition to WebDAV’s seamless integration into FileZilla Pro, the project recently announced support for Amazon’s S3 protocol. With the growing number of S3 compatible alternatives, FileZilla Pro has extended its S3 support to enable users to utilize FileZilla with third-party S3 providers as well.

Established in 1996, WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) provides a framework for users to create, change, and move documents on a server, and manage Web content authoring properties, such as author, creation/modification date, and manage the organization of the files on the server.

With more than 12 thousand users and growing quickly, FileZilla Pro allows users to easily share files across all types of computers and remote servers.

FileZilla Pro can be downloaded from, with Mac version available from the Apple App Store Other versions are available from the FileZilla website
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