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FileZilla® Pro adds Microsoft OneDrive to growing list of supported protocols

Posted in Press Releases

Addition of popular file-sharing protocol reflects FileZilla’s continued innovation.

Köln, Germany —17 September 2018— FileZilla® Pro, the popular cross-platform file access and transfer software application, today announced support for Microsoft OneDrive, a popular file-sharing protocol.

Microsoft introduced OneDrive in 2007. The service allows users to share files and photos using a variety of devices — phones, desktop computers, Xbox consoles, and more.

FileZilla Pro’s announcement of OneDrive follows the company’s recent addition of the Dropbox file-sharing protocol. The addition of One Drive reflects FileZilla’s continued commitment to flexibility and choices for its customers.

Support for OneDrive adds to FileZilla’s expanding protocols for customers. “OneDrive offers file-sharing services at varying levels, and many individual users, businesses and nonprofit organizations worldwide take advantage of this important platform,” said Tim Kosse, original creator and principal author of FileZilla and FileZilla Pro. “The addition of OneDrive expands flexibility for our customers, and greatly broadens the file-transfer protocols that FileZilla can give our customers,” Kosse said. “We hope to continue adding protocols in the future,” Kosse said.

Since it was founded, FileZilla has added support for new protocols for its customers, and the addition of OneDrive reflects the company’s stepped-up pace of innovation, said Roberto Galoppini, FileZilla Director of Strategy. “We are proud to continue adding OneDrive and other features that our customers want,” Galoppini said.

FileZilla Pro allows system administrators, Web developers, designers, and other professional users to share files across all types of remote servers and computing environments. FileZilla Pro has been in the file-transfer business since 2001.

Individual enthusiasts, professional system administrators, developers, engineers, and enterprise power users rely on FileZilla Pro to quickly and easily move files between computers and remote servers. FileZilla users can easily upload and download all types of files, such as uploading a Website to a hosting provider’s server, using FTP and other protocols.


FileZilla Pro can be downloaded from, with Mac version available from the Apple App Store, Other versions are available from the FileZilla website
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