Access to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint

FileZilla® Pro supports both OneDrive for Business – a secured cloud service that allows members of an organization to access their files -and SharePoint,  a Web-based product that interacts with Microsoft Office products.

Users can access these OneDrive for Business files on various mobile devices, and users can move files from their personal OneDrive accounts to a OneDrive for Business account.

Read below to learn how to use OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.

How to access Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

You will need the organization administrator credentials to grant access on behalf of the organization, otherwise regular organization users will not be able to use FileZilla Pro to access their drives. Please note that newly created users do not have OneDrive provisioned by default. It is required that the user accesses OneDrive at at least once to have it provisioned.

  1. Create a site entry for your OneDrive for Business connection.
  2. Click Connect to start the authorization process.
  3. Enter the organization administrator credentials.
  4. In the permissions requested page mark the option “Consent on behalf of your organization”.
  5. Choose Accept to grant access.
  6. Now you are connected as the organization administrator and other organization users can also use FileZilla Pro to access their OneDrive files.

The video tutorial below shows how to easily access OneDrive for Business with FileZilla Pro.

Video tutorial: how to access Microsoft OneDrive

If you want to avoid authenticating every time you launch FileZilla Pro, read below and learn how.

How to access Microsoft OneDrive without having to re-authorize

  1. Choose Edit, Settings, Password, then select Save passwords protected by a master password and close FileZilla Pro.
  2. Launch FileZilla again, and open Site Manager. Then select the OneDrive connection and click Connect.
  3. Select ‘Remember master password‘. As a result FileZilla Pro won’t ask you to authorize OneDrive access again.
  4. To let FileZilla Pro stops storing OneDrive token, just select the option ‘Forget stored master password’.

The video tutorial below shows how to manage OneDrive authorization tokens.

Video tutorial: how to manage OneDrive Authorization Token

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