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FileZilla® Pro Supports Microsoft OneDrive

Posted in Features

FileZilla® Pro includes support for Microsoft OneDrive, the popular file-sharing protocol introduced by Microsoft in 2007. Learn how to access Microsoft OneDrive.

The service allows users to share files and photos using a variety of devices: phones, desktop computers, Xbox consoles, and more. The addition of OneDrive reflects FileZilla’s continued commitment to provide more choices for its customers. Read below to learn how to use OneDrive.

How to access Microsoft OneDrive.

  1. Click New in the Site Manager dialog box to create a new connection.
  2. Select Microsoft OneDrive as the protocol. FileZilla Pro will fill in the host name automatically.
  3. You get redirected to the Microsoft website to authorize FileZilla Pro.
  4. Enter your Microsoft credentials.
  5. Authorize the access request.
  6. The authentication window closes automatically. On Mac a browser window opens and you need to authorize the access, just copy&paste the authentication code.
  7. In the right side you see your directories and files.

The video tutorial below shows how to easily access OneDrive with FileZilla Pro.

Video tutorial: how to access Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive requires an authorization step that creates an authentication token. If you want to avoid authenticating every time you launch FileZilla Pro, read below and learn how.

How to access Microsoft OneDrive without having to re-authorize

  1. Choose Edit, Settings, Password, then select Save passwords protected by a master password and close FileZilla Pro.
  2. Launch FileZilla again, and open Site Manager. Then select the OneDrive connection and click Connect.
  3. Select ‘Remember master password‘. As a result FileZilla Pro won’t ask you to authorize OneDrive access again.
  4. To let FileZilla Pro stops storing OneDrive token, just select the option ‘Forget stored master password’.

The video tutorial below shows how to manage OneDrive authorization tokens.

Video tutorial: how to manage OneDrive Authorization Token


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