How to Configure FileZilla Server

FileZilla Server Administration’s interface asks you to connect to FileZilla Server.

The Connection dialog window asks you to set the host, that might be either an IP address or a URI, a port number and your password.

If you installed FileZilla Server locally, the host will be listening on the localhost IPs ( and ::1), and if during installation you didn’t change the default value, the Administration will be listening on port 14148.

Enter your password and if you want the Administration interface to remember it, select the checkbox Save the password.

If you entered a wrong password an error message will appear saying that the password is not valid.

Also, if you want the Administration interface to automatically connect to that instance of FileZilla Server at start up, you can select the checkbox Automatically connect to this server at startup.

The first time that the Administration interface connects to a host, a dialog windows will display the TLS certificate associated with the Administration interface, asking you whether you trust that certificate. If you trust it you won’t be asked to approve it again next time you connect to FileZilla Server. You can decide whether to trust the certificate based upon its SHA1/SHA256 fingerprints. Check if it has the same fingerprints as those created at
startup. You can find them in the log searching for SHA.

Note: Under Windows you can find the log files in the sub-folder (see section Windows Installation). Under Linux you can view logs using systemd’s command journalctl.

If you installed FileZilla Server locally the certificate can be trusted. By trusting the certificate the Administration interface will connect to FileZilla Server, otherwise the connection will be aborted.

The same dialog will be displayed any time the certificate changes.

Once connected to FileZilla Server you will see the Administration interface of your server showing the most recent log entry, typically a successful connection to your server.

To start configuring your FileZilla Server click on Server in the top menu and select Configure or press CTRL-F. The configuration panel on the left shows a list of all the configurable categories and at the bottom presents 3 buttons with the following range of functions:

  • The Apply button applies the configuration changes, if valid. The configuration panel will remain open.
  • The OK button applies the configuration changes, if valid. The configuration panel will be closed.
  • The Cancel button discards all the changes and the configuration panel will be closed.

The video tutorial below shows how to configure FileZilla Server.

Video tutorial:How to Install and Configure FileZilla Server

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